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Save The Music America, Inc. is driven by "Music Industry Professionals" who feel the effects of piracy. The following are those who have chosen to stand with us in our mission of bringing awareness and education to this matter and we thank you! STMA - a 501(c)3 Foundation

STMA – CRS 2012 We would like to thank all the participating artist who volunteered their voice for PSA spots. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for the time you gave to Save the Music America at the CRS conference. We are truly committed to this cause and to the artists that helped us begin our awareness mission to help make a difference to end piracy.

Tracy Lawrence
Jerrod Niemann
The McClymonts
Buddy Jewell
Ty Herndon
Billy Dean
David Ball
Bryan White
Ira Dean
The Roys
Sean Patrick McGraw
Kaylin Karr
Dustin Lynch
Joe Bonsall
The Farm
Jaida Dreyer
Corey Wagar
Sherry Lynn
Justin Haigh
Glen Templeton
Jason Cassidy
Matt Kennon
Wayne Mills Band
Erica Nicole
Taylor Made
Julie Ingram
Susan Cattameo
Lucas Hoge
Candy Coburn
Madonna Nash
Dee Hilligoss
Lisa Matassa
Beth Coyhall
Kayla Nettle
Joanna Mosca
Justin McBride
Deborah Allen
James Wesley
Mark Wayne Glasmire
Leah Seawright
David Frizzell
Lizzie Sider
Manty McIntosh
One height Rodeo
Kelly Parkes


STMA founder Mark Dreyer here, asking you to lend us your voice and opinion. Are you an artist or songwriter whose intellectual property has lost revenue, or a publisher or music industry professional whose music catalog is experiencing a decline in income that may be caused by music piracy? Your story doesn’t have to be letter-perfect to make a difference in someone else's life and help the anti-piracy cause.

Creating Awareness, Education and Preservation for the Arts - Changing hearts, one fan at a time - get involved...tell us your story click here! 

Thank you very much. With your help, we believe we can make a difference.

We will keep you informed of our progress, and we will not forget your aid in the creation of Save The Music America.

God bless you!

Mark Dreyer