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Record labels, producers and management from around the globe share their views on piracy and the affect it is having on the business. Select an article below to read more. Perhaps you have a story to share with us, click here.

  • Online piracy Ethical, moral, and legal considerations

    Napster. Kazaa. Morpheus. Gnetella. These file-swapping services have been the focal point of a new ethical dilemma, for which there are few precedents. Online file-swapping services allow novice computer users to access, download, and listen to copyrighted music files without..

  • Pirate Bay Settlement

    Majors Admit That Pirate's Bay Settlement Money Not Going To Compensate Artists

  • A Softer Approach to Online Piracy

    TIMEThe entertainment industry’s ongoing battle with digital pirates (also known as average Americans) will enter a new chapter this fall as music and movie companies take a more sweeping–but les

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  • STMA PSA Now Available

    45 Top Artists Team with Save The Music America (STMA), Recording PSAs During Country Radio Seminar to Spread Vital STMA Message to `Download and Share Music Responsibly’

    By Phil Sweetland

    Music and Radio contributor, The New York Times

    NASHVILLE – February’s Country Radio Seminar included appearances by country superstars including George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Faith Hill, but some of the finest CRS performances came from the nearly four-dozen artists who recorded PSAs to show their support for Save the Music America’s (STMA) efforts to stem the tide of illegal downloading of music.

    Tracy Lawrence, Jerrod Niemann, The Roys, Ty Herndon, David Ball, Billy Dean, Ira Dean, and Deborah Allen were among the artists participating in this vital effort.

    As STMA notes, “illegal file sharing and downloading may seem innocent, but the effects are devastating. To date more than 70,000 jobs have been lost, and thousands of industry related businesses have closed their doors.”

    To fit with today’s TV and radio format, some Public Service Announcements are 10 seconds, others 30 seconds. One of the 30-second spots included this quote: “Music speaks a universal language and forms the soundtrack of our lives. However, the future of music is in jeopardy, the short-and-sweet 10-second spots read: “Support the future of American music, please download and share your music responsibly. To learn more log on at”

    Mark Dreyer, one of Nashville’s in-demand session players and producers and publisher of the Nashville Music Business Directory, is the founder of STMA. “We got a very positive response to the PSA messages,” Dreyer says. “We would like to thank CRS, Aristo Media, and all the artists for their participation supporting the message.”

    STMA has completed the first of many multi artist PSA’S available for viewing at, and will soon be broadcasting them both regionally and nationally. STMA is currently seeking corporate sponsors, which Dreyer believes will help take the message viral and allow for a multi concert and awareness campaign. Potential sponsors can get additional information by contacting Lloyd Charles Krein , Marketing and Promotions Director at:

    Other artists who kindly donated their time and talents to record PSAs during CRS included: Buddy Jewell, Matt Kennon, Bryan White, Glen Templeton, Jaida Dreyer, David Frizzell, Julie Ingram, Sean Patrick McGraw, Lucas Hoge, Kaylin Karr, Dustin Lynch, the Farm, Sherry Lynn, Justin Haigh, the Wayne Mills Band, Mark Wayne Glasmire, Taylor Made, Susan Cattameo, Candy Coburn, Madonna Nash, Dee Hilligoss, the McClymonts, Lisa Matassa, Beth Coyhall, Kayla Nettle, Corey Wagar, Joanna Mosca, Justin McBride, James Wesley, Jason Cassidy, Nicole, Leah Seawright, Lizzie Sider, Manty McIntosh, One Height Rodeo, and Kelly Parkes.

    CONTACT: Mark Dreyer,




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    The Piracy Problem: How Broad?

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    In Fight Over Piracy Bills, New Economy Rises Against Old

  • What Do You Really Think About the Piracy Issue

    Some folks in this over-saturated industry equate music piracy with free promotion, reciting the popular soundbite that “obscurity is a greater danger than theft”

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    Whichever side of the fence you’re on in regard to the issues of music piracy, as artists creating music for public consumption, it’s a topic of special concern. Here, Alex Jacob of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) talks about

  • Parents and Their Children: A Report from the RIAA

    It’s Not Easy - Who knew it would be so difficult? Or so complicated. Children are the joy of one’s life and the bane of one’s existence--all at the same time.

  • Information For Parents

    It’s Not Easy - Who knew it would be so difficult? Or so complicated. Children are the joy of one’s life and the bane of one’s existence--all at the same time. They teach us everything about ourselves as we try to teach them. They challenge, test, and sometimes defy your instructions.Often, they question your values. Raising children is not easy, especially today.